Friday, May 30, 2014

Dreams and making them a reality

So we are back from our holiday, still suffering from jet lag hence why this post is being written at midnight with two wide awake children playing in the lounge, but we are back and looking to the future.
For anyone interested it was great to see all my in-laws. My mother in law is doing well but her diagnosis has gotten worse which just validates the spontaneous trip that much more. It's possibly the last time we will see her, though she is an amazing and strong woman with a lot of fight in her and she has our whole family cheering her on.

Before we left for our trip the husband and I were discussing moving back to the UK and being over there and living that life for a few weeks has solidified that wish. That is the life style we want for our children and for ourselves.

It's going to take a few years, or more, I need to go back to school and I also need to learn a new language. Of course there is no guarantee that even with a furthered education to enhance my job prospects and the new language to make it easier to enter the UK that we will get there. We are fully aware that life is one long baseball game and we have already been pitched our fair share of curve balls. We are motivated though, far more than we have been for anything else. We both want this, our kids want this and if it doesn't happen we will go out knowing we tried our hardest.

This means though that I'm thinking of a new path for my blog. I still want to share ideas on how to live on a budget, ways to create the living spaces you want and tips to survive renting, after all I'll still be renting myself, but I'll be sharing stories of our journey to get to the UK, experiences of studying online with two full on young children and there will be less DIY projects completed by me as we intend to sell everything when we move - no point spending money improving what we have when we will end up selling it.

My blog has always been an outlet for me. I love to write and when my imagination failed me I started writing about life. I'm honoured that you have chosen to follow my journey and hope that you get something, even if it's just a laugh at my expense, out of it.


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