Thursday, February 6, 2014

Saving money one face mask at a time

It's time to save us all some money in the beauty department.

This April I'll be turning 31 a fact I am completely and utterly ok with.

Ok time to share. I've always been big busted so the ladies were heading towards sags-ville before I had the kids now two kids later they're well and truly residents. I started growing 'silver' hair when I was 20 - honestly it sparkles in the sun so it's not grey it's most certainly silver. My eyes went at 25. One day I could read the signs on the train platform the next I couldn't, so I've been a member of the four eyes club going on 6 years now.
As you can see my body has been doing this ageing thing for a while so the only area I thought I should start concentrating on now that I'm heading towards middle life - ok suddenly not so ok about being in my 30's - was my skin. I've always been pretty lazy with skin care. I'm notorious for starting a skin care regime and stopping a week later for no other reason than I simply 'forget' to keep it up.

It was because of my laziness that I got excited when I stumbled across a home made face mask meant to do the same as the Biore pore strips. It consisted of two ingredients, was easy to make and apply and cost a fraction of the price. I was sold.

The tutorial I followed was from an awesome American blogger 'Petit Elefant' and you can find it here. I followed her tutorial step by step and even have my own before and during images - warning this means you're about to get a glimpse of my face 'warts and all' so to speak - I was a little skeptical as often American 'recipes' don't turn out so well with Australian ingredients but that wasn't the case this time.

Here's how it works...

You will need:
*Un flavoured gelatine which you can by at Coles or Woolworth's in the baking section. I got mine at Coles and it cost $2.34.
*milk of any kind - I stood looking in my fridge for far too long wondering if the kids full cream milk would be better than the adult HiLo milk and eventually went with the HiLo and it worked a treat so really any milk will do.

Apart from the above two ingredients you will need a small container to mix it in - make sure it's microwave proof - and a table spoon.
The original tutorial uses a paddle pop stick or suggests a make up brush to apply but I used my fingers and for reasons I'll get into soon I'm very glad I did.

Right so first things first you need to wash and dry your face.

Here's me all clean and ready to go...

Now pour one tablespoon, for me one table spoon equaled one sachet, of gelatine into your container. Mix 1 to 2 tablespoons of milk into the gelatine. I used two. It will clump together and that's what you want.
Now put your mixture into the microwave. The original tutorial calls for 10 - 15 seconds, now I'm not sure on any differences between American and Australian appliances but I did 12 seconds and my mixture came out HOT.
You are meant to apply the mix immediately after taking it out of the microwave and this is where I am grateful for having used my fingers. As soon as I stuck my finger in the mix it burnt and I knew if I had applied it using another instrument I would have scalded my face...not nice.
So I suggest putting it into the microwave for 5 - 10 seconds, start out at 5 if you're concerned and work up.
The mixture goes creamy, give it a stir and apply immediately to all or part of your face.
I concentrated on my nose, chin and forehead as they are my trouble areas. Keep in mind this is gelatine you are working with, it gets sticky quick!

Once it's on leave it to dry for around 15 minutes. If it gets uncomfortably hard at closer to ten minutes then you can go ahead and remove it.
I left mine closer to twenty because it looked shiny which I mistook as it being wet and not ready. I was wrong gelatine is shiny even when dry.

Once your time is up decide where you're going to start and peel off... Carefully.

I'm not going to lie this part hurts especially on the upper lip, cheeks and around the eyebrows but persist if you can because it seriously works. I won't post the close up but I did take one if anyone wants proof that it pulls pores.

Once it's all off and you're finished crying because you managed to not only clean your pores but wax your eyebrows too rinse off and enjoy the refreshed feeling knowing it cost you at most .60 cents.


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