Thursday, January 23, 2014

Re-discovering a childhood favourite

As a kid we lived hours from the beach, seriously hours. I grew up in Western Sydney and my mum who grew up in Cronulla would only take us to that beach. It was hell on wheels for the almost two hours it would take us to drive down there. The heat, fighting over what music to listen to, and then finally reaching your destination only to have to spend another 20 minutes looking for a car park. Ugh!
Needless to say we didn't go to the beach that often. Instead like most normal people in our suburb I spent a lot of time at the local pool. I have awesome memories of jumping in and out of the pool not worrying about the coolness of the water, running between the kiddie pool and the BIG pool, diving competitions between friends, icy poles, chlorine soaked hair...well ok I used to hate how my hair felt after swimming but it was worth it.

Since about 6 months after re locating to Perth I have always lived with in twenty minutes of the beach so if it got hot we hit the beach, simple. Two years ago we moved so close you can hear the waves and smell the disgusting stench of seaweed - again totally worth it - from the back yard.
Naturally then since having kids we've just gone to the beach, it was free and you can't get any cheaper than that.
The thing is my husband is English and I'm not sure if it's an English thing but he's not too fond of sand. He also happened to get stung by a jelly fish on our last trip to the beach. So I did some looking around.

Just up the street from us is an aquatic centre. Indoor heated pools, gym, outdoor pools. The problem is the entry fee is extortionate. We're lucky enough though that we also have a local council pool the good old fashion type, all outdoors, and the best part was it is only $9 for us all to get in!

So we went. The husband was cautious even admitting once we were home that he didn't wear the right shirt for swimming because he thought we either wouldn't go in as it would be too packed or if we did go in we wouldn't stay long and only the kids would be getting wet. Well let me tell you he had the most fun of all of us, hands down!

I strongly recommend searching out your local pool. On a hot day you won't care that it's not heated and it cost less than running an air conditioner or a thousand fans... Or both.

What I love about the pool is the big kids stay out of the kiddie pool so your bubs are free to enjoy themselves without fear of being trampled. Also, unlike the beach, you do have to pay to get in. Although it's a small fee it still creates a safer environment in my opinion for your belongings. Parentless kids left to their own devices are more than likely there to impress the opposite sex and not to scan unattended bags. However if you're still concerned then check out what I found on Pinterest last week....

This has got to be the best idea I've seen in a long while. The thief would have to be pretty desperate to open up a 'used' nappy to check it's contents.

So pack a picnic lunch, and a clean nappy, and while it's warm head to your local pool for some affordable good old fashion family fun.


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