Friday, January 24, 2014

Sweet colourful dreams

Bedrooms are fantastic! This may be the sleep deprived mummy part of me talking but I seriously love my bedroom. It's nowhere near looking how I want it to yet but it's certainly my favourite room in the house...yep definitely the sleep deprived mummy talking.

The husband and I bought a new bedroom suite late last year. It was a long time coming, the old one being over ten years old and uh hmm, squeaky.
It's nothing flash, just a pine set from furniture spot but it's a look we love and a look we can work with when we get to decorating the rest of the room.

In fact half of my to do list and future blog posts include items in the bedroom and I really look forward to sharing them with you.

Today though I'm going to talk kids rooms.

My Miss Four is finally into girly things. I am by no means a girly girl, I do love a good bit of sparkle in my life but I'm no princess, for some reason once she was born I immediately wanted a room fit for a princess for her to sleep in. She had other ideas. Her first big bed linen set was Thomas the tank engine. After that we had an avengers poster hanging from the curtain. But now, now she loves pink and princesses and fairies. She still has to have the Avengers and Scooby Doo but I can live with that, it expresses who she is.

The husband with his amazing building skills actually built her big bed, and using paint the we bought to paint her dresser we finished it off nicely.

The bed The Husband built

Well I thought it was finished until I saw an image on Pinterest that got my mind swirling with ideas.

The original photo that inspired me, source:

Now the husband has been enlisted to build a canopy, four simple posts connected at the top like your average four poster bed, which will connect to the existing frame.

My hope is to bring more of Miss Fours personality into her room. This will allow us to hang small frames, drape fairy lights, maybe even a hammock for her assortment of stuffed friends.

The great thing about beds is that you can do anything you like to them. One thing I have learnt is that ANY surface can be painted if you correctly prep it. If you need tips on how to paint a certain material send me a message and I'll walk you through it.
It's a great way to bring your child's personality to their bedroom.

Another is with window furnishings. Curtains can be expensive but if you browse your local op shops you are bound to find something you can use and if it's the wrong colour but right fit, dying fabric is really easy. So for a fraction of the price you can have amazing looking curtains.
Ombre curtains, very easy to DIY
Lastly to really finish off the room paint the dresser or tall boy or whatever piece of furniture that's in the room. If it doesn't fit with the new theme change it so it does.

Another use of ombre. A few sample pots should be enough to create this look

I'll be sure to share photos with you once Miss Fours canopy is complete, it's a long weekend so that could be as soon as Tuesday with the husband home for three days.

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