Monday, March 3, 2014

Kitchen Chemistry

Hands up who is ready to learn something new about me??

I am what some would call a Geek! Though from a Geeks point of view it's us who are normal and everyone else is just waiting for their imaginations to kick into over drive.

Come over to the Geek side, we have Cookies. We also have these amazing spice racks...

I stumbled across these on Pinterest - nothing new there - but immediately began researching how to make my own.

It seems pretty straight forward. Buy test tubes, make a stand (or buy one) transfer existing spices in to tubes, label tubes and Vaders your father. One Test Tube Spice Rack ready to geek out your kitchen.

If you would like a step by step guide Dream Book Design have a tutorial here.

I did a little research. You can purchase a ready made test tube spice rack from a company I won't name for $96. However seeing as the whole point of my blog is to help you decorate while saving money I will tell you that you can buy 20 test tubes with cork stoppers from 'In The Clear' on for $10.93. These tubes will fit about 1/2 an ounce - or 15 grams - of spice.

Or I found these slightly bigger test tubes on eBay, they are $27 for 25 test tubes and they hold just under 50mls. To give you an idea of spice amounts. An average master foods spice jar is 30grams and the jar is slightly smaller than my 50ml essential oil bottles. So I'm guessing they would hold around three quarters of a master foods spice jar or about 20grams of spice.

Now for the stand. A simple square or rectangle box would do the trick. You could put one together pretty easily with a few pieces of wood, a hammer and some nails or check out your local op shop as they are bound to have something that will do the job.
Another option is to transform an existing spice rack you may already have. This is the option I'll be using.
We have a traditional looking spice rack that looks a little like this one just a bit more square and a not so nice brown colour.

As I mentioned in Lime Surprise last week I was just going to paint it. Now though I'm going to get the Husband to drill some holes or add a support bar before I do.

I'll order the test tubes some time this week so stay tuned for a spice rack update.


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