Friday, February 28, 2014

Lime Surprise!

Splice of life. This is the name of my new favourite colour and I have to tell you I'm completely shocked.

A couple of weeks ago I posted some Lime colour inspiration on the Facebook page along with the words "it's not a colour for everyone". At that point I was one of the 'everyone' that didn't really care for it. I could appreciate it's happy bright tones but as far as wanting it in my home well the appreciation didn't go that far.

Then this past weekend I was shopping around for a new cutlery holder for the kitchen sink when I stumbled across this cute country chic looking tin. Lime green on the inside and white outside. ($4.99 at Red Dot WA readers, they also had pink)

I fell in love with it! Not only the tin but the colour also. So when I decided to repaint my knife block I had to find a colour to match and splice of life was the one.

The knife block came out brilliantly.

I did manage to get more than a little dirty while sanding back the black paint, to the point where I had to shower in the middle of the day, but it took about 30 minutes and the painting took under 5. Two hours later and a second coat and the knife block I always hated is now a spectacular pop of colour for the kitchen bench.

The sample pot of paint cost $12 from Bunnings but it is a half litre pot. There was so much paint left over that I re painted the huge frame I'm using as my calendar. I love it in the lime green so much more than the boring blue. Though I will admit that after having given it a light sand I loved the rustic look I had created.

Now I shouldn't have to say it as we are all adults who take care when handling large sheets of glass but just keep in mind the edges of glass from photo frames can be quite sharp. This particular adult ended up with two booboo's, one on each hand.

Of course nothing makes booboo's better faster than Disney Princess band aids.

I not only painted the frame but I also painted the backing board. I had the Husband pick up a new batch of paint colour cards from Bunnings, this time all white, and I have to say it looks a million times better than the rush job I did when inspiration for the calendar first struck.

Now I'm thinking of also doing the bread bin - currently pink - and our raw pine wine rack. While I'm at it I'll probably sand back the spice rack and paint that too. I also have plans for a few months from now to re invent my amazing bar me you'll want to see that post.

As you can see Lime has become our focus colour in our home decorating journey. We are teaming it with white and were thinking black too but as we want our overall look to remain just a little bit country I think we'll go with brown.

Have you been surprised by a colour and your appreciation for it? Which colours will you be using in your own home? Comment below and share the inspiration.


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  1. I recently made a totally abrupt purchase of a red & grey bed cover set for our spare room. Two colours I have avoided for the most of my life. Now I totally appreciate and love both colours. It will be moving to our master bedroom and I will be completing the venture.

  2. Red and grey are two colours that work well together, you'll love the end product in your master bedroom :)

    That has happened to me before too. I've made a purchase I wasn't to sure on and put it somewhere out of sight and then completely fallen in love with it :)