Friday, February 21, 2014

More Amusing Than The Comedy Channel...

Yesterday I read what is honestly the funniest thing I think I've seen thus far on Pinterest.

'On a hot day clean out your fridge, it will feel more like a treat than it will a chore.'

Seriously? I laughed out loud, literally LOL'd, and immediately thought "yeah that was not written by an Aussie". You can tell this as no Aussie who has lived through temperatures better suited to the Sahara dessert each summer would suggest emptying out your perishables on a hot day just so cleaning the fridge would seem more fun.

Yeah the milks going sour and the sandwich meats starting to smell funky but it's all good cause I'm not feeling the heat...yeah not going to happen, especially with the price of milk these days.

It did get me thinking though about what cleaning tips I have read that have actually been pretty genius. My magic shower cleaner is one of them. Going on week three of not having to scrub the shower down at all, it's still sparkling and it's because of a simple vinegar and dish washing liquid concoction..thank you Pinterest.

Sticking with vinegar to start with there is the idea to tie a bag -ziplock, sandwich or whatever you have on hand - full of vinegar around your shower head. Apparently this is meant to remove the build up of grime on your shower head. This does not work on 'rental peach' enamel painted shower heads. It does however work on stainless steel.
Then there is the idea to soak paper towels in vinegar and wrap them around your taps to help remove the nasty build up of gunk that can grow right at the back. THIS WORKS! I let the paper towel sit for around two hours and then most of the yucky stuff just wiped right off when I pulled the towel out, the rest came off with a bit of a rub. I used to hate cleaning the bathroom because I could never find an object that would get right down in that gap between the tap base and the sink but now I can call off the search as it's vinegar to the rescue again.

Honestly vinegar is starting to become my second love, I no longer detest the smell because it's cleaning powers are so magical that I can't bring myself to hate it. Though I am left questioning, sort of like the Coke argument, if it's so darn powerful then why on Earth are we eating this stuff??

Moving on..

Once upon a time my daughter was not yet two, we had just moved into a new rental and she found a permanent marker...dum dum dum!
Can you see where I'm heading with this?
Black swirls were what she left in her wake along with a mummy standing staring mouth agape wondering how on earth I was meant to get that off.
Toothpaste to the rescue this time and in my house with two very artistic children it's called upon more than I'd care to admit. I did some googling and went to my mummy friends in a panic. Some suggested those magic erasers...waste of bloody money all they did was wet the wall. Then a saint of a woman suggested toothpaste. I was sceptical but desperate so I pulled out an old toothbrush and a tube of paste kept aside for travelling and went to work. I won't lie there was some major scrubbing involved but it worked a treat. No sign that my budding Picasso was ever there.
It's so good it is now my go to wall cleaner. I have two kids under five so it comes out quite often to remove pencil, crayon, food and those black scuff marks that end up every where. Every single mark it removes which is why it's number two on my must have cleaning list (can you guess what's number 1). The brilliant thing too is that it doesn't have to be Colgate. I had a tube of $1 toothpaste with what looked to be Arabic writing that my mother bought from Red Dot thinking I'd use...sorry I like to be able to read the ingredients of whatever goes in my mouth. The thing is it worked. So next time your grocery shopping just throw a tube of home brand toothpaste in the trolley, you'll be thankful you did, trust me.

Next on the list...

Coke - it's not just a drink. At our last rental house when we moved in both the toilets had this horrible rusty looking stain at the bottom of the bowl. I scrubbed with all my usual cleaners - this was BV or before I discovered the wonder that is vinegar - and nothing would make theses stains budge. So I gave in and poured a can of coke into each toilet. You guessed it the stains vanished.
Now I'm not sure of any other cleaning tricks involving coke, except for one involving removing oil from a driveway which I'll get back to you on, but I can vouch that it makes an awesome chocolate cake.

Do you know of any other cleaning tips that are borderline genius? Share them in the comments so we can all reap the rewards.


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  1. I did not even know that tooth paste could clean the walls. Thanks for the tip :D

    1. You are very welcome. :) always happy to share helpful cleaning ideas.