Monday, July 14, 2014


30 Day Blogging Challenge
Day twenty eight

A confession

I never used to like snow globes. In fact the only snow globes I could ever appreciate were ones that were Disney related.
After my daughter was born she was given two. One from my Dad and one from my favourite Aunt. The following Christmas my Dad gave me a Christmas themed snow globe.

At this point I still didn't really like them but they were growing on me. Over the years we received around five tiny Disney related snow globes and somewhere in there I fell in love with every single one that we owned.

Now here comes the confession....

Each and every one of them - bar two mini Disney globes - is broken. They are no longer snow globes. I'm sorry Dad, Aunty Di, Giz, and weird psycho pen pal I no longer write to.

I have children therefore I cannot own pretty things :(

Each one of these snow globes has met a violent end, shattering into a thousand pieces as sparkly water flew through the air and splashed into the carpet, never again to fulfil its intended duty.

If anyone knows of a company that does snow globe repairs I'd be very grateful if you passed along the details.


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  1. That's what top shelves in glass cabinets are for....
    I can't help you with repairs as I've never broken one. Mum's silver, crystal. All precious things have lived harmoniously with my tiny and ever growing terror incarnation of my brother as they lived in glass cabinets on top shelves or other places we couldn't reach. I do however hope you can find one. Although I suspect repair will cost more than they ever cost....

    And as a Grammar Nazi I will pick you up on your use of "it's" instead of "its" ;-)

    1. You are very right Louise. I shouldn't blame the children when I, the adult, know better. They do usually live up high but each one has been broken on the rare occasions I have let them sit and watch the pretty snow falling in its magical sphere...turned my back for one moment and chaos broke out. You would think I'd have learnt after two succumbed to the same fate.

      And thank you I edited my post to remove that naughty apostrophe :)

  2. Oh it's so hard. I know. I mean I learned well to take care of things.....but sometimes....just sometimes....I wish I could have brought a few of those precious things closer....
    I actually love your love hate relationship with the snowglobes. It's very similar to a few of my trinket relationships. I love some things only because of who or where...