Monday, October 27, 2014

Trick or Treat

Each year since I got my first job I've always bought candy to fill a huge bowl to hand out to any trick or treaters who knock on my door on October 31st.
Last year we got right into the spirit and bought a pumpkin and carved it with the kids, this year we are going even further and adding black crepe paper, garden lights, a skeleton or two and this sign.

I do it for the kids, mine and those in my neighbourhood who can't help but see and hear about Halloween in all they read and watch and want to take part in the holiday.

I don't have much time for anyone who wants to rant about it being 'An American thing' or just another money grabbing scheme from the stores.

Kids with parents who feel that way won't be the ones walking my neighbourhood streets, adults who feel that way will be the ones to not open doors, or turn away kids with a scowl.

My family celebrates Halloween to keep up a sense of community, to encourage children to try new things, learn about other cultures and to show them that not all adults are grouchy, that some know how to have fun.
We decorate our house so parents will recognise it as a safe and inviting residence. A place their kids can go knowing we are happy to welcome trick or treaters.

Our family celebrates Halloween because a couple of bags of candy is a pretty cheap price to pay to see bright smiles on kids faces and to receive warm thank you's from their parents.

Give it a try this year. Don't think about the commercialism behind it, or where it came from. Just think of the happy boys and girls who will smile brightly as they walk down your drive having scored some more awesome candy and if that's not enough then think about how grateful you are that its not your kids carrying a huge bowl of sugar that will have them bouncing of the walls all weekend.

Happy Halloween Week


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