Monday, October 20, 2014

Let's Go Shopping

No one panic, I haven't fallen off the 'get out of debt' wagon. The shopping I had in mind today is the type that will save us money in the future.

You often hear the saying "boys and their toys" in relation to the men in our lives and their must have computer games, motorbikes, remote control anything, boating equipment and so on.
While you are on your journey to getting out of debt big buys are usually not recommended but today I'm going to discuss 'toys' I believe are a good idea to invest in if you are looking to save money.

These won't be for everyone but if you consider yourself crafty, look at DIY projects on Pinterest with longing and have no issue gifting home made goods then keep reading.

Number one on the toy list is a sewing machine. Just a basic sewing machine will allow you to make nearly anything as long as you are motivated.
Three years ago I asked for spotlight gift vouchers from family when they asked what I'd like for Christmas. Then Spotlight had a New Years sale in January and I managed to pick up a $200 sewing machine for $20. It was on sale and my family had chipped in $100 worth of vouchers.

That basic machine has made summer shorts and skirts for two years for my children, baby blankets, sarongs, super hero capes, dinosaur tails, ironing board covers, couch covers.

This shorts pattern is a favourite of mine. Great for both boys and girls.

You see the list is endless for what a basic machine can do. This means that come gift giving time you'll have so many options that won't blow the bank.

Your local op shops are a treasure chest for fabric. Most shops will have a fabric selection but if they don't or its minimal they will have old bed sheets, quilt covers and curtains not to mention racks and racks of old clothes. All of these usually can be found in great prints just waiting to be turned into something new.

And don't worry about having to pay for patterns. You can find free patterns for almost everything on the Internet, in fact I'm part of a Facebook group that's specifically about its members sharing free PDF sewing patterns. There are literally thousands of them out there.

It truly is a great money saver. If you have family or friends having babies all you need is an old t-shirt and a free pattern for baby hats, or an old towel and some cotton from a sheet and a free pattern for burp cloths.

This baby hat pattern is really easy to follow and the end product is adorable.

As the seasons change usually so does your child's clothing size. Pick up an old sheet and a free pattern for shorts and no need to spend a fortune re stocking your kids wardrobe.
Have that one family member who is so hard to buy for? Search the racks at your op shop for some nice prints in old clothes, Google for a free make up pouch tutorial, and you've got yourself a unique birthday gift.

This pouch pattern is my current project, sitting in pieces on my sewing desk as we speak.

The list is truly endless, if you need proof go ahead and Google 'free sewing patterns'.

So do what I did, when family ask what you'd like for Christmas tell them spotlight vouchers then sit tight for the new year sales. If you're anxious to get started though spotlight have machines starting at $149.

Next up on my good investment list is a good quality hot glue gun.
I'm saying good quality because yes you could go to spotlight and pick up their $10 option however I have heard too many people say that their own $10 spotlight hot glue gun spontaneously burst into flames. Not exactly a thought you want in the back of your mind every time you go to use it. Also I'm all for budget friendly but really how long do we think a $10 hot glue gun is going to last??

The good news is that you don't have to spend much more than $10 to get a better quality gun.

I picked one up this weekend from Bunnings for $22.40. It comes in a carry case with 6 glue sticks. The next option up was $40 and from the looks of it the $20 increment seemed to continue as you went along the shelf.

If you're wondering why I'm suggesting you invest in a hot glue gun then you're just not crafty enough for this post. Like a sewing machine there is so much you can do to create amazing handmade gifts with just a few materials and a hot glue gun.

Don't throw away empty wine, sauce or beer bottles. Clean them up and remove all the labels then with some paint and your hot glue gun you have spectacular trendy vases to gift.

Re vamp old lamps,

Create some adorable button art for new babies

Again go take a minute and Google hot glue gun projects.

With these two toys you can potentially save a bundle while gifting family and friends with unique items made with love.

Have fun shopping,


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