Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Clean Cooking

Before I get started let me assure you this post is not about eating greens and organic or any kind of diet.
No in fact it's far worse than that, it's about cleaning your oven.

I think I've mentioned I have a list of my most hated cleaning chores. To be honest cleaning the oven wasn't even on that list because I never did it. You can't hate something you don't do right??

I've always cleaned the oven door - we rent and it's kind of a necessity to pass inspections - but apart from that I'll confess to never cleaning the oven.

Sunday night while cooking steak the oven started smoking, it's done it once before and I did clean out the racks and scrape the charcoal chip from the back of the oven floor but that was it, this time I decided I'd get in there and give the whole thing a good clean.

I'm sure if you rent you know of the basic rental rule 'leave the house in the same condition it was when you entered'.
Well I kind of live by that. The oven has been black since we moved in three years ago so I've just sort of thought 'yeah it's good' and went on my merry way.

It's like the front and back yard. They were both more weeds than grass when we moved in and that's how they remain to this day. We water the weeds to make sure they stay lush and green, we mow once a week to keep them short but weed treatment is expensive and money I'm just not willing to spend on someone else's property.

Oven cleaner Isn't exactly costly but the store bought ones have scared me - I have issues with strong chemicals that can burn - so I've steered clear of them.

Today I tried something so simple it's genius.

One cup of baking soda
Half a cup of salt
A quarter of a cup of dishwashing liquid

Mixed altogether to create a paste.

I slathered it on the walls and floor of the oven and left it for five and a half hours.

When I went to wipe it down it had pulled so much of the grease up I was in shock. I'm always skeptical when I first try a home made version of anything so I wasn't expecting this to do much at all. It truly did do a fantastic job.

I'm embarrassed to say that when I started scrubbing the floor of the oven I originally thought I had pulled up a lining of sorts - I know nothing about oven construction - the grease it pulled off was so thick that it broke apart like rubber. I know I was disgusted too don't worry.

Now I have a lovely clean oven - minus the racks, those will be done tomorrow in the bath with the same paste - and let me tell you I have now added cleaning my oven to my list of most hated chores as I will be doing this monthly to make sure it never gets that bad again.

Use a bowl of warm water to wash it down and give a spray with white vinegar to be sure no paste remains.

Happy oven cleaning


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