Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Handmade Christmas

A few weeks ago I was going through a blogging block. I was just clueless on what to write about and that doesn't often happen to me though to be honest my personal writing had hit a similar block. I had characters stuck in limbo waiting for me to figure out their next move. Sadly for them they're still waiting but on a positive note for you, thanks to a dear friend, my blogging block has disappeared.

I have a new blogging series in the works.

Originally I was going to call it the 30 day DIY budget friendly gift guide - I know it's a bit of a mouthful - but I've been searching and searching for projects that can be accomplished without having to buy a lot of materials and it's proving difficult.

So to save money for myself as I want to make each project for the series I've decided to go with a 15 day DIY budget friendly gift guide...what can I say I loved the title.

The projects will cover most types of recipients. Children, families, teens and I think I've even found a couple of man friendly ideas as well. You probably won't have all the needed materials in your pantry or craft cupboard but they won't cost a lot to purchase. Some will need a hot glue gun, others a sewing machine but the majority won't need either of these items.

I've included a couple of edible projects. Sadly I had to leave out the chunky triple choc cookies. Here in Oz christmas means hot hot days so giving perishables is a tricky feat especially if you are gifting to family and friends who live afar. I'm fairly positive though that the projects I've included will be a hit and withstand the Australian heat.

There will also be a few body products but don't forget for amazing skin friendly soap that will awaken all your senses head over to Joap and keep an eye out for her upcoming Christmas stocking.

NB: I am not being paid for this promotion I just REALLY REALLY REALLY like Joap and think you should all try it out.

What you will not find in this series is any texta drawings on mugs and/or plates. I've tried the personalised plates and mugs, had the kids draw on them with sharpies then baked them and well it failed! EVERY SINGLE TIME. Yes I was stubborn enough to try it three times.

Well I may be stubborn but I'm not a fool so I won't be trying it again.

These are simple gifts, some could be used as stocking stuffers, others as teacher gifts but the best bit is they're not seasonal meaning you could make these at anytime of year whenever you need a gift to give.

I hope you join me on my 15 Day DIY Budget Friendly Gift Guide and have fun along the way,


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