Monday, February 3, 2014

Hi Ho Hi Ho It's Off To School We Go...

But when we get home where are we going to keep our school bags?

Miss Four starts Kindergarten on Tuesday and as per her schools request we have 'A bag big enough for us to put a lot of stuff in'. Now my Miss Four may be as tall as her six year old cousin but her school bag still swallows her up. There's room enough for her lunch bag, change of clothes, hat and whatever arts and craft she brings home each day plus some spare room for Mr Two to stow away inside. It's HUGE!

She loves it and she picked it so there is no issue there. No the issue will be where to keep it when not at school. Despite living in a four bedroom house with two living areas we don't have a lot of space free - not because we have a lot of crap but because my mother lives with us and that is a story for another day, trust me! - and it's going to really start irritating my neat freak side if it's just thrown in a corner till next school day.

I started researching School bag organisation ideas and was pleasantly surprised to see some pretty fantastic options for a rental home, meaning options that didn't involve screwing hooks into the wall.

So many options for big and small spaces...

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Metal clothes racks which you can pick up at your local cheap stores or even Ikea, old bookshelves - just remove a few shelves and add some hooks - bench seats with under seat storage baskets, even multiple laundry hampers will do the trick. All you need is a dedicated spot for school bags, coats and shoes. Please note if you don't have children but you do have a partner who needs just as much stuff for work these ideas will work for that too...I for one cannot wait for The Husbands work bag to stop being dropped on the dining table each afternoon and don't get me started on the smelly steel cap boots.

My favourite option though was the hutch

and I had employed The Husband to build it. Though before heading to Bunnings on Saturday we were discussing how to move furniture around to make the laundry and back patio work better and I had a light bulb moment. The eyes lit up, I smiled from ear to ear and the Husband groaned at the thought of what was to come.

You see about 18 months ago we, well The Husband, built a new dining table and since I hate to throw out anything that can have a second life the old round dining table was turned into a sand box for the kids.

The kids barely used it, they prefer to dig holes in the grass, so this sand box was sitting out side looking messy and creating clutter. We had decided that it would need to go in order to help tidy up the back patio and that's when my light bulb went off. If I stood it up on its end, added a few hooks and a coat of paint it would be the perfect school bag organisation centre.

I was pretty chuffed with my idea and needless to say so was the Husband but more importantly so was the bank account.

Did you guys know that a sample tin of paint from Bunnings cost under $9?? I didn't so I did a little happy dance on the way to the car. Twice. Turns out Bell Pepper green was not the colour for me so I had to go back for Ivy League green instead.

After a coat of paint and adding some hooks you'd never know it was a dining table or a sandbox.

Now just to make it through her first day of school, I have a feeling it won't be as easy.


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