Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Grass Is Greener On The Other Side...

It's not true, not even a little bit. It could be because three of our bordering neighbours don't actually have grass but that's beside the point. The guy across the street has a patch of sand where once luscious grass used to live. But us? Well we rent so naturally we have to break the law to ensure beautiful green grass year round.

As many of you who rent may know you sign a lease saying you will maintain the lawns and gardens. Now we are good people - totally blowing our own horn but we are upstanding citizens if I do say so myself - so we do as we agreed. But by sticking to the terms of our lease we are faced with breaking a state water ban.

We live in Perth. Our summers are HOT! Not just HOT! But stupidly dry and "oh my gosh shoot me" HOT! Come October 1st we are allowed to turn our reticulation systems back on or start using sprinklers but we have to make sure we only use them on our allotted days, I think if you have a bore you are allowed one extra day.

We have a bore and a reticulation system however...

It must have been installed by Tim the Tool Man Taylor as it's a half assed job. It doesn't cover all the yard so come October when the weather starts to warm up half the yard starts to die off as the sprinklers don't reach it.

So can you see our dilemma? We are abiding by the state water laws because our lease also says we are to pay any fines incurred by watering on the wrong days - and well it's nice to do our bit to help save the H2O - but if we don't water the parts of the yard not touched by the sprinkler we receive bad reviews at our three monthly inspections.

Well let me tell you I may have found a solution. I say may of because I've already mentioned we live in HOT! Dry Perth, I'm not sure we'd get enough rain for this to work. For everyone else though, not in Perth, this should work a treat to help save on the water bill, keep your gardens and lawns in tip top condition and abide by any state water bans.

It's a home made water tank! I think it's pretty neat and it's also so easy to assemble. I'm thinking it may cost a bit to get set up - I'll come back to you on the weekend after our next trip to Bunnings and give you an estimate - but what it will save you makes it worth it.

You hook it up to your down pipes and when it rains it's collected in your tank/container. Next time you need to water a flower bed or dry patch of grass use the rain water and the numbers won't go up on your water meter.

Follow this link here for a complete tutorial on how to set it up and enjoy watching your grass grow.


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