Monday, February 10, 2014

Let's Talk Dirty...

Showers that is. It's one of those must do chores that we all do while cursing our families good hygiene that makes it necessary in the first place.

While scrubbing the shower isn't my most despised household chore it certainly ranks in the top three. I always have to fit it into my shower routine as without fail if I try to clean the shower while clothed myself and the rest of the ensuite will end up dripping wet or blotchy with bleach stains...or both!

I'm not usually one to care about what I use to clean with, I'm not the organic natural type, my only prerequisites for a shower cleaner are that it minimises scrubbing and is cheap.

I'd been seeing the vinegar and dawn dish washing liquid shower cleaner around quite a lot and decided to try it and let me tell you it fits both my prerequisites.

As I mentioned in my homemade face mask post some American recipes don't work so well with Australian ingredients. I thought that may be the case this time as every recipe I read for this magical cleaner all called for the 'blue dawn' a dish washing liquid brand not available in Oz.

I first tried it with the Coles brand yellow liquid that we use. Mixed it with some vinegar and poured it on the shower. It did the trick. I wiped it off straight away and there was no scrubbing needed just a simple easy wipe across the shower floor.

I then actually read all the tutorials for making this and saw that they say to heat the vinegar before adding the dawn. I also searched the options available at my local Coles and decided to try Palmolive. It's purple not blue and was on sale for $2.20.

This time I heated the vinegar and fair warning if you have a sensitive sniffer wear a mask as heated vinegar is not pleasant. I heated 1 cup of vinegar - just plain old Coles brand that costs about $1.50 a litre - for 90 seconds. Then added 1 cup of Palmolive - the Palmolive covers the yucky warm vinegar smell - gave it a stir and poured it into an empty spray bottle. You can pick spray bottles up cheaply from most grocery stores, kmart or your local two dollar type store.

I sprayed my shower then left it about four hours till I showered. Gave it a light wipe again and washed it down with water and hey presto I had a sparkling shower. I've left the bottle in the shower and give it a spray after each use and thus far I still have a sparkling shower with no further wiping/scrubbing required.

I have to say I am truly in love with this purely because I always saw the benefit in those expensive brand name cleaners that you're meant spray after each shower I just never liked the price tag.
This mix is a fraction of the price. I still have enough Palmolive to make another batch but won't need to do so for at least two weeks that brings it to under $4 every six weeks for shower cleaner. I say $4 because I believe using the cheap yellow liquid I first experimented with and heating the vinegar would do the trick as well and the cheap yellow stuff is only $1 a bottle so even if Palmolive isn't on sale when you next do the shopping you can still get all the ingredients needed.

I highly recommend giving this a go. Just imagine all that relaxing you could be doing instead of scrubbing the shower.


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