Saturday, February 8, 2014

Our Facebook week

This week on Facebook we looked at some fantastic ideas for creating your home in the style you want.

Jazzing up the laundry room by decorating your washer and dryer. This can be done using contact, wall decals or I found an amazing site called that has loads of murals to pick from or you can upload your own image.

The re purposed doors was one of my favourite from this week. Old doors can be found at salvage yards, thrift stores if your lucky, your local tip shop and if you want to spend a bit more antique stores.

They can be turned into almost anything, my favourite is the bedside lamp stands and the entry table.

Shoe ladders to store or showcase your pretties. These look great, can be made or bought to suit any style and for most just one will do the job. If you need more try making them a centre piece so everyone can see your collection.

The top of my favourites list this week is the re purposed old suitcases. These add a touch of personality to any room. Use them to store out of season clothes at the foot of the bed, turn it into a bed for your beloved pet or make it a centre piece as a coffee table.

My favourite though is this vanity. Add some extra long legs and a mirror and you have the perfect place to store make up and jewellery. The best bit is you can close the lid and keep it all locked away from prying little fingers.

We also discussed this amazing garden aid. A home made rain water tank that can be installed to help save on the water bill.

I did some research for you all and found a price guide. A 100lt water tank can be bought at Bunnings for $69. If you want something a little smaller and cheaper you can pick up a 60lt rubbish bin that will do the trick for $15. Tap attachments, depending on what style you're after, cost between $4 and $15 and the hose will set you back $24 for the entire reel and fitting set.
So at it's cheapest you're looking at around $60. This is pretty good if you live in an area that sees a lot of rain, just think how much it could save you on your water bill.

Happy Saturday to you all,

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