Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Christmas Activity List...

That's Aussie Christmas Friendly

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Go Ice Skating - in fact I highly recommend putting aside the cash to do this and plan it for a day that the weatherman says is going to be one of the Hottest. It'll be a Free 'air con, family fun, christmas adventure' all in one ticket price.

Write a Christmas light scavenger hunt list and go once a week. If you want to save money walk it. Go in a different direction each time so you see a different part of your neighbourhood. If you're open to taking the car visit suburbs you wouldn't normally see.

Sing and dance to Christmas songs. Even if you don't have kids. Put on the Christmas music, turn up the volume and sing like your on TV. Don't forget to dance around like a leprechaun.

Make Christmas cards. Pretty self explanatory. Your $2 type stores have heaps of craft supplies to do this. It makes the card giving process more personal.

Decorate your windows with paper snowflakes. Honestly, please do this and make extra for me! This is one of those crafts I just cannot get right. Which is totally depressing given how much I love snow. String them up with cotton or fishing wire and try and convince yourself it's not 40 degrees outside.

Bake Christmas cookies. I'll share some links soon for Christmas themed cookies that don't need icing - you know that yummy stuff that melts on hot days? - batch them up and hand out as a teacher thank you, or to neighbours, church friends, work colleagues. If gifted the day after baking cookies make great gifts, or you could just eat them all yourself but whatever you do with them save two or three for Santa when he stops by on Christmas Eve.

Go to a carol service or Christmas parade. Most towns will hold a carol service you just have to look for details. I've noticed locally no one really advertises them well but if you check your local councils webpage they should have details for everything Christmassy that's happening in your area. Also check notice boards at shops and ask your child's school.

String gumnuts to hang around your tree. Now it pains me to write this because well gumnuts are not a Christmas thing but stringing cranberries or popcorn is just inviting the ants to come visit for the holidays. So gumnuts it is. If you love your Aussie summer this can become a new family tradition. Make a day of hunting for them at local parks and nature reserves.

Make your own wrapping paper. A roll of brown paper - from Kmart - some red and green paint. Throw in some silver, gold and white if you like and decorate however you wish. You can create stamps out of potatoes in most shapes, paint a sweet christmas image, let the kids loose or all of the above.

Go through your house and find donations for charity. Get the kids to pick three toys each (at least), clean out the pantry and collect canned goods still in date, give your wardrobe a clean through.

Put your Christmas tree up on December 1st.

Discover Kmarts range of SOLAR POWERED Christmas lights. I always wanted to decorate our house with lights but never wanted to pay the electricity bill it would create. This year we've been buying a box of lights every two weeks and now we have a small light display going on. Next year it'll get bigger - especially if the lights are in the Boxing Day sales :) - and I may add some to the roof.

Challenge yourself with a 'sandman' building contest. No I don't mean the man who carries the sleep dust - though it's your sand creation so if that's what you want - I mean a snowman figure out of sand. Head to the beach and see how tall you can get your 'not so frosty' to stand.

Head to your local San Churro for a seasonal 'Jingle Berry' milkshake.

Drop by Gloria Jeans for their attempt at Christmas, a Caramel popcorn latte.

If you're lucky enough to live near a Starbucks stop by and try out their christmas range, three icy frapuccino flavours: Christmas Cookies, Gingerbread and Peppermint Mocha.

Get creative and design your own cold christmas inspired beverage.

Enjoy yourself, don't be a Scrooge, remember it is NOT about the presents or how much money you spend. 

Amazing memories can be made anywhere at any time!


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