Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Gift Guide Day 6

So far we've had two gifts that could easily be gifted to men. I'm bringing attention to this because it truly is quite hard to find handmade gifts geared towards the rougher sex.

Today's gift brings the number up to three though like the gum drops and send a hug it transcends gender and age.

In a way it's not completely handmade either but it is Budget Friendly so it made the cut.

Framed Prints.

The great thing about framed prints is that it's a completely customisable gift that can be created to meet any personality.

They are super simple, I know I've been saying that a fair bit but well it's true.

First you need to pick a saying that fits the person you'll be gifting it too. The Batman saying will be sent as part of my Brother-in-laws present. If I were to send it to a friend I might choose something like 'don't let anyone dull your sparkle' or if I were to make one for Miss Four I might choose something magical and dreamy like this....

Once you've chosen your saying hop on the computer and type it up. Now I am not talented when it comes to designing with technology but you don't need to be. Add a little colour and a simple image and you're all set. You can google search for any image, border, decorative aspect. For a more personal touch you can add a photo of you and the recipient.

When you're happy with how your print looks print it. If you've got a colour printer save money and do it at home, it will be behind glass in a frame so you don't need a glossy photo finish. If however you don't have a printer shops like Kmart and Big W have photo labs with single prints from very reasonable prices.

I picked up a frame from Kmart. An 8x10 - which is the image size, the actual frame is huge - for $9.

If you make a smaller print the frame will be cheaper, it all depends on your personal preference.

Have fun creating your prints, they're sure to be a hit.


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