Monday, November 10, 2014

Gift Guide Day 4

Today's gift idea comes in tied for first place on my list of favourite body products (hint: the other one is Joap but I'm guessing you all knew that - don't forget her epic Christmas stocking is this Thursday).

I fell in love with Sugar scrubs when a close friend made some for me a few years ago. I was over the moon with how smooth my skin was after using it and as soon as I finished off the batch from my friend I ordered supplies to make more going so far as to buy a 5 litre tub of coconut oil.

It is such a simple product yet shops will charge you an arm and a leg for it. Containing only three ingredients it makes much more sense to make your own.

Despite its simplicity it is guaranteed to be a hit with any woman you gift it too. It's one of those luxury items that you don't usually buy for yourself if you're on a budget.

Part of what makes sugar scrubs amazing is the many different 'scents' you can create and not all of them require essential or fragrance oils.

Gingerbread sugar scrub uses spices from the kitchen, coffee sugar scrub is exactly as it says just coffee grounds, vanilla is vanilla extract - not essence - the options go on....lime, lemon, all citrus really. All invigorating and all found in your grocery store. And all can be found in a quick Google or Pinterest search!

If you do wish to choose a scent not food related essential oils and fragrance oils are what you need. I know a few of my local $2 type stores stock essential oils but there are a tonne of sites where you can browse through fragrance oils to cover almost anything. Honestly I've seen fresh cut grass, bacon and dirt. Though they have much nicer and sugar scrub friendly scents as well for example you can get nearly any name brand perfume scent my favourites being Angel by Thierry Mugler and Island Kiss by Escada.

Once you have your scent picked out all you need to finish the scrub is coconut oil and white sugar...simple.

Today's photos will be of the coffee scrub I made.

Take 1 cup of white sugar
Half a cup of coffee
And three tablespoons of coconut oil

Mix together.

That's it, SO easy!

You can stick with mixing with a fork or spoon but I just got right in their with my hands. It ensured all the ingredients were thoroughly mixed together AND I got nice smooth hands for my effort.

If you're using an essential or fragrance oil start with two drops and work up. You can always add more but if you start out too strong there is nothing to do to fix it.

Be sure to add a list of ingredients to your sugar scrub container so your lucky recipient knows what's in it. I added a date made and a shelf life. Coconut oil has a shelf life of 12 months though I can guarantee the scrub won't last that long.
If using oils list all essential oils or just list 'fragrance oil' if it's not an essential.

I bought my tubs at the reject shop for $1.50 each, attempted to design my own labels but decided to go with a free printable I found at cincyshopper and printed them at home. The coconut oil was $8 for a jar. You could probably get five batches of sugar scrub, possibly more depending on how heaped your tablespoons are, from a jar of oil. The coffee I stole from the pantry - I'm positive The Husband hasn't noticed yet - but I think it was $6 and a bag of white sugar is $2.50 if I recall correctly.
So when you breakdown the cost this gift cost approximately $4 with enough ingredients left over to make four more.

At that price you can treat yourself as well.


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