Friday, November 7, 2014

Gift Guide Day 3

It's a known fact that if a woman buys a ten pack of hair ties with in 24 hours there will be only one left.
No one really knows what happens to them though I've heard rumors of the hair tie monster who creeps into your room while you sleep to devour your new stash. He leaves you one lonesome hair tie because deep down he's completely evil and likes to lurk in the shadows and watch your reaction as you realise you have, in just one day, lost a whole pack of hair ties.

This anomaly doesn't only effect hair ties, no, bobby pins and clips are effected as well.
On our family trip to the UK in May I purchased a pack of 40 black hair clips to use in Miss Fours hair. I opened it on our first day in London and then when we got to our cottage a short three days later I had only four remaining. Apparently the hair tie monster felt like a holiday too and stowed away in our suitcase snacking on hair clips.

It also happened again just this past week. Miss Four requested a hair cut and after we left the salon we stopped to buy a new stash of clips, pins and ties. The monster must have been watching his weight as it took a week for us to lose all but two clips and one tie.

It's for that reason that I'm very happy I stumbled across today's DIY gift idea.

Firecracker hair ties.

In 20 minutes I had made four new and funky hair ties for Miss Four and I'm fairly confident that because they do not truly resemble your typical hair tie the monster won't find them. I'm up to the 24 hour mark but I'll keep you informed of their status.

They are simple to make, can be made with school colours, sport team colours, Gryffindor colours (shhhh, I am so making some for me) or just in fun and colourful prints and they will make a great stocking stuffer for girls of any age.

You will need:
Skinny elastic. I used 25cm for each tie. I made them a little long so I had plenty of room to make a knot.
Fabric of your choice. I raided my stash but if you don't have a fabric stash you can find fabric at op shops, Big W and of course Spotlight and Lincraft. I used half a fat quarter for each tie. 45cm x 25cm approx.
Old t-shirts would also do the trick especially if you're making them for school. Last year's uniform they no longer fit into can find a new home here.

They are really easy to make. Simply tie a knot in your 24cm piece of elastic creating a loop.

Take your piece of fabric and make snips at one centimetre increments then tear each strip off. If you prefer a neater finish you can cut each strip using scissors. I made both styles but I prefer the messy torn look.

Take each strip and tie it to your elastic loop. I only did a single knot. Miss Four has worn one to school today so I'll let you know if a double knot may be better but the single knot seemed to hold them in place.

Each tie has about 30 strips. The whole elastic loop wasn't covered but due to the style you won't see naked elastic once you tie it into your hair all you'll see is funky fabric swimming in your pony tail.

Other options for these ties include using shorter pieces of fabric if you'd like a neater look when sitting in the hair. Halve the length of the strips and they'll sit closer to the head. They'll still be funky just not so messy which may be better if being used for school and sports activities.
If you have pinking shears you can use them to cut your fabric strips. I don't mind the messy look but I know it's not for everyone. Cutting your fabric with pinking shears will take away the frayed edges and give them a nice finish.

Have fun creating some funky new hair ties for all the girls on your gift list.


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