Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Gift Guide Day 5

I have the best in laws!

There is a point to this so bare with me while I boast about getting lucky in the in law department.

My Mother-in-law is fantastic. I love her to bits and before you say " I'd love my Mother-in-law too if she lived half a world away" just let me say I'd love her just as much if she lived next door. This woman is strong, beautiful inside and out and the epitome of the type of mum I want to be. Her kids love her and respect her and love spending time with her.
My Father-in-law is pretty awesome too. He's a bit rough around the edges but old age has mellowed him and he's fantastic with all his grandkids and great for a debate as he has harsh opinions on everything.

One of the many reasons why I love them is because they light up at the cheesiest of sentiments from my kids. They don't need material possessions but give them a drawing Miss Four spent all morning working on and they're over the moon.

As soon as I saw today's gift I just knew it was perfect for Nana and Grandad in England.

The most expensive part of this gift is postage but if you fold it up small and send it as a letter you're looking at another gift for under $4 but one that has so much heart in it.

Send a hug.

It's quite common here in Australia to have loved ones who are too far away for daily hugs. We either live on opposite sides of the country, or even if we are in the same state it's possible family and friends are still an eight hour drive away, or we have family deployed serving our country or as we've migrated we have family in all corners of the world.

Tell me not one of those situations applies to you....

This seemingly simple gift can send all the love you hold for your near and dear and bring a smile to their face.

We'll be sending it to a few people in the UK and I'm expecting photos of hugs being had :)

Now don't just think this is for kids as adults too can create their own hug. Instead of drawing you can fill the space with words. Song lyrics, poems, jokes...anything your recipient will appreciate.

It's super easy to do.

Get yourself a roll of paper, or a large sheet of cardboard, I picked up my roll of brown paper from Kmart for $3. It's a twenty meter roll - that's a lot of hugs you can send!

Have your child, or whoever this hug is from, lay down on the paper with their arms out stretched. Try and get them to stay still.

Miss Four moved the first time and it resulted in a super large head.

Decorate your hug however you wish. My kids drew on theirs but as I mentioned above you can fill it with words or if you want to get extra creative you could fill it with a photo collage.

Cut it out and you've got yourself one hug ready to send.

Keep in mind the saying 'it's the thought that counts'. Sending a hug to someone far away is overwhelmingly thoughtful. Letting them know that even though you're apart you still think of them, love them and wish them well - all that is conveyed via a hug - is the best gift you could give.


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