Thursday, November 6, 2014

Gift Guide Day 2

I saw this cute little mobile one day while perusing Pinterest, something I've been known to do every so often, and I immediately wanted to make one. I didn't even have a baby to give it too once made but I just really wanted to make it. Turns out I needn't have worried about having no recipient as once it was made my Miss Four took one look and in her over the top cutesy voice exclaimed "oh it's so cute, can I have it?" How could I deny her when she was so enraptured with something I had made?

That is why it made it into the DIY Budget Friendly Gift Guide, it's completely customisable and can be created for a child of any age not just precious little newborns.

I chose hearts and clouds as it was the original image I saw and I lack imagination when it comes to arts and craft but you can change it up to suit any interest, any nursey theme, any sports team, video game or well you get my point right?

Butterflies and hearts, planes and clouds, basket balls and raindrops. Silhouettes for any image imaginable can be found in a quick google search but for this basic version you will need:

2 sheets of grey, white and pink felt. I got mine at spotlight for .99c each.
1 -2 packets of white embroidery thread. I chose embroidery thread as its thicker and that was the look I wanted. They cost $2 each at spotlight. You could use normal white sewing cotton or white wool also.
1 Stick. I seriously went out to my back yard and picked up one of the sticks the kids bought home from our last trip to the park. Brushed it off, made sure it was dry.
White paint.
Sewing needle.
Stencil of your chosen image. I drew mine. I drew mine about three times until I had a heart and cloud shape I was happy with.

Alright first up you are going to paint your stick white. My stick took three coats of paint and waiting for it to dry was probably the longest part of this project.

Next pin your stencil to your felt and cut out your shapes. I pinned the stencil to both sheets of the same colour at the same time so there was less cutting involved.

- I'll apologise here for the photos. Each time I remembered I needed to take a photo of that step I was on to the White felt, white on white is really hard to photograph :/ -

Once you have each shape cut out you are going to start sewing them together. Open up your shape and start your first stitch on the inside so that your knot is hidden.

You can use a blanket stitch if you know how, I do not, but a basic stitch gets the job done nicely. Be sure to stop with about an inch to two inches remaining so you have room to put the stuffing in.

I used the remaining felt scraps to stuff each shape, not too much just enough to give it a little puff, though you could use other material scraps or if you have stuffing that will work too.

Once stuffed sew it closed and continue on with the rest of your shapes.
I found the hand sewing really relaxing. I actually didn't want to stop to do my daily run but I also didn't want to explain that injury to the the ER nurse so I took a break. All up though it probably took two hours from start to finish.

Once your stick is dry you will need to attach your shapes to the stick. I started with one shape, made a knot at the felt and hung it from the stick and then hung each shape from the bottom of the previous one. I winged it and it came out ok so just go with what feels right, if you need some help you know where to find me. I'm happy to explain my round about method in more detail.

Lastly I made a little hanger by attaching a piece of thread to both ends of the stick.

And there you have it! A 'much cheaper than store bought but equally adorable' baby mobile. (or Four year old mobile).


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