Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Gift Guide Day 10

I have a slight addiction to journals. I have a small stack on my dresser just for show....

and a stack that sits in my drawer....

Then there's two or three lying around the lounge room and study as well.

The issue with having an addiction to journals is that journals are not cheap. They usually average $15 each.

Journals make great gifts for teens and teachers or anyone you know who loves to write or needs to write for their job.

All you need is:
An exercise book - I picked mine up at kmart for $1 but if you like you can shop around for a hard cover journal.
A piece of fabric in a fancy print
Mod Podge

If you've ever covered an exercise book with contact then you'll be able to do this. You follow the same steps except you're adding the glue to make the fabric sticky. It's actually better as its easier to eliminate air bubbles.

Brush glue over one cover and lay on top of fabric.
Snip corners on an angle and straight down at the spine.
Brush glue along edges of book and fold fabric in.

You can trim up any stray fabric pieces at this point, once the glue dries it will stop the fabric from fraying any further.

As you're using mod podge allow this side to dry for two hours before finishing the other cover.

Once your two hours have passed repeat on the remaining side.

Leave book to dry then snip the remaining hanging fabric at each end of the spine.

I will add here that I recommend darker prints. The pink fabric I used was picked by Miss Four but is see through, I can read all the text on the cover of the exercise book.

Add a packet of fancy pens or pencils and you've got a great stocking stuffer for under 18 year olds or 31 year olds with a journal addiction.


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