Monday, November 17, 2014

Gift Guide Day 9

Today's gift makes it onto the 'Man Friendly Handmade Present' list. As with most of the projects in this DIY Gift guide it's completely customisable, which is why I made mine for the holidays - you can never have too many Christmas decorations - and it's why you can make them for any football fan, music nut, beer lover or automobile addict.

You can also make them for grandparents, aunts and uncles, teachers, neighbours.....

I never used to be a coaster person. I've never had a coffee table I was worried about getting moisture rings on and until recently I'd never really come across any coasters I liked the look of. That was until I started searching Etsy for homewares and discovered a whole world out there of customised coasters.

The biggest issue I had was deciding what theme to go with. We have plenty of family photos around the house so I didn't want photo coasters. It was a toss up between Christmas and Moose - I have an odd love of Moose - given the time of year and the fact that I was watching Home Alone I decided on using quotes from some of my favourite Christmas films.

For these coasters you will need

Mod Podge - this is more than just a glue it's a sealant as well. Try not to let the price put you off. The small bottle is around $10 however it will last you several projects so is worth the expense. You can pick it up at Spotlight, Bunnings or craft stores.

Coaster bases - .69cents each at Bunnings. My mouth dropped open I'll admit, that price is just insane. You could make coasters for everyone on your Gift list at that price.

Printed images - you can use photos, images printed on paper, magazine cut outs.

The how to is simple:

Read the instructions on your mod podge. Brush the back of your image with the glue and stick to the coaster base. Leave to dry for two hours then apply your first coat of sealant. Simply brush lightly over the top of your image.
Leave to dry for 15 minutes and apply a second coat.

And now you're done. One more DIY Budget Friendly Gift.


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