Friday, November 14, 2014

Gift Guide Day 7

I have fallen in love with today's gift. I didn't make it to give I actually made it for myself and it just looks amazing sitting on my dresser and I'm really impressed with how well it came out.

Perfect for any woman on your gift list from 6 to 60 and yet another customisable project.

It's a photo frame jewellery holder.

Mine is basically an earring stand as I don't wear any other jewellery but if you make it bigger it would hold necklaces and bangles too with the addition of a few small tacs to use as hangers.

This will not cost a lot at all. We already know from Wednesday's post, gift guide day 6, that Kmart have huge frames for $9, so the smaller ones are even cheaper. The one I used I picked up at the Reject shop about twelve months ago for $2. It's the perfect size for my earring collection.

Besides the frame you will need a piece of fabric, some ribbon, and a hot glue gun.

I know it looks like I made mine Christmassy, well ok I did, but as I love christmas and snow this will not get old throughout the year. In fact I have a feeling it will help me through the 11 months immediately following December.

For your recipient pick a neutral fabric unless you really know their personality.

For the ribbon I've used ricrac, I'd recommend something strong so nothing satin, it has to be strong enough to support the weight of earrings and other jewellery.

Remove the glass, you won't be needing it for this project, and cut your fabric to the right size for your frame. You need about an inch on each side to stick down.

Then do just that. Wrap the board like a present sticking each side as you go.

Once the glue has dried, it takes only a minute or so to be cool enough to work with, lay your ribbon strips across the frame and place the board in place.

You don't want the ribbon pulled tight but you don't want it too loose either. Have a play around with it before you stick the ends down. I needed mine loose enough to get an earring backing behind as I only wear studs. Hooks from dangly earrings will not need it as loose.

Once you're happy with the length use the hot glue gun to stick the ends to the back of the board.

If you're not happy with the back looking as it does you can neaten it up by placing a strip of fabric around each edge to cover the ribbon ends.

That's it you're done, easy as pie.

With this budget friendly gift you could even add a pair of earrings as part of the present.

I used to keep my earrings in a pile in a basket, now they're all out where I can see them and I love it.

NB: you can see a tiny sample of my Joap collection to the right there as well

Have fun but be careful as glue from a hot glue gun lives up to its name, trust me.


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