Monday, June 30, 2014

Be A Creature Of Habit.

30 Day Blogging Challenge
Day fourteen

Three healthy habits

Hahaha ok sorry I'll admit I wrote this one three days ago, I needed the time to think about healthy things I do frequently enough to call them habits. I figured showering daily wouldn't cut it, though personal hygiene is very important.

I drink a lot of water. This is a fairly new habit and one that took a vacation when I did but for almost twelve months now I can say that I have had at least a litre of water a day. At least, most days it's more. It may not sound like much but considering right before I started I was dehydrated by diagnosis from my GP it's a big step for me. I fall just short of the old recommended 8 cups a day but my motto for most things is some is better than none.

I get a lot of vitamin D the good old fashion way by sitting in the sun. Even in the middle of winter when the air outside makes you think it's snowing two counties over if it's a sunny day I'll get out and lift my face skywards.
It's refreshing getting warm sun on your skin, especially in the colder months, and the fresh air doesn't hurt either.

This is really quite hard. I have healthy things I do but I'm really forgetful so I can't truly say they are habits.

I have a bottle of multi vitamins on my kitchen counter, I may remember to take one a week.

I go through phases where I'll look at myself in a mirror and make myself find something I like about myself, but I have self image issues so that happens less than it should.

I guess the third healthy habit I have is that I don't say the F word around my daughter. That would be the three letter F word not the four letter one I bet you were all thinking.
I haven't stopped calling myself fat but I don't say it around my four year old impressionable daughter and I'm always on to The Husband to stop saying it too (no he never calls me fat). I don't want her to grow up with the self image issues I have.

What are your own healthy habits?


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