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30 Day Blogging Challenge

Day eleven

Ten favourite foods

Personally I think today's topic is a little boring so I'm changing it around a little and will tell you some of the best meals I've had and the restaurants I ate them at. It's not that much more exciting - mainly since I don't get out much and when I do I'm a creature of habit - but bare with me.

These will not be in order of most loved but in the order that they come to mind.

Mississippi Mud Cake - Hogs Breath Cafe, multiple locations: yes dessert totally counts as a meal. I love this mud cake. It could be how it's served, on a bed of cream with a scoop of ice cream on the side and the cake heated through. It is to die for. When The Husband and I eloped to the court house we stopped at Hogs Breath for dinner that evening. Mississippi Mud Cake is my wedding cake.

Caesar Salad - Pemberton Millhouse Cafe, Pemberton, WA: I have ordered a lot of Caesar salads in my life, it's the only salad I eat, and I usually have some negative experiences. The lettuce is old, the lettuce is mainly heart, the dressing is too chunky, they put anchovies on when I specifically asked for it without. The Millhouse cafe got it right in every way. The lettuce was fresh and leafy, the dressing was perfect, the bacon bits were real and crunchy, they left off the anchovies, it was delicious and the view from the caf├ęs verandah wasn't half bad either.

Poached eggs - Aragorn Cafe, Ludlow, UK: As with my Caesar salads anytime I order poached eggs they're usually not at all tasty. Too rubbery, too runny where they shouldn't be and not runny where they should be, to much vinegar was added to the water. The Aragorn Cafe in Ludlow made my Mothers Day this year. Their poached eggs were perfect. Round, not rubbery at all, runny in the middle and so so yummy.

Jacket Potato with BBQ Pulled Pork - The a Dukes Head, Leominster, UK: I cannot say enough good things about this meal. I had it four times on my recent holiday - it would have been five but somehow a restaurant in the middle of potato growing country ran out of potatoes- and each time it was fantastic. I've tried to replicate it since being home and although it was good it was not as good as The Dukes Head.

Butter Chicken - Chutney Mary's, multiple locations: I have an issue with lumps in my sauces which is why at home I sieve everything. Chutney Mary's butter chicken has lumps but it's so good I barely notice it. Add a naan bread and it's the best Indian I've had.

BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger - Burger a Edge, multiple locations: you may be seeing a pattern in which I'm very fussy about my food. Burgers are no exception. I usually don't eat them as most people out big chunks of onion in the meat patties. Burger Edge burgers are awesome. So tasty, big and they only come with onion if you ask for it.

Churros - San Churro, multiple locations: I was first introduced to Churros on my visit to America. Disneyland have churro stands throughout the park and you get one thick long churro for about $3.50. San Churro do six Churros plus two bowls of melted dipping chocolate for $14.95 and I don't have to suffer through a 20 hour flight to get them.

There you have it my seven top meals eaten out, sorry I couldn't quite think of ten.

For those of you who are interested I'm working on a post about saving, budgeting and finances for when this blogging challenge is over, so stay tuned.


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