Friday, June 20, 2014

Working class

30 Day Blogging Challenge
Day four

Your dream job.

Well I no longer want to fly fighter jets. Ok I lie I'd love to fly fighter jets but my fear of planes falling out of the sky is holding me back, you know along with the lack of brains that are required for that job.

My previous work experience includes early childhood education, hotel management and housekeeping and teaching archery.

Out of all of those the only one I'd go back to is archery.

But we're talking about my 'Dream' job not jobs I have experience in.

If I could do anything at all I think I'd like a different version to what I currently do. I'd love to be a lady of luxury with the money available to indulge my hobbies while caring for our kids. The Husband is pretty awesome and doesn't want me to go back to work but understands that an extra income would be more than handy.

Therefore my dream job would probably be what we are aiming towards. I'd love to own a pub or free house somewhere in the UK.

For a laugh here is a list of jobs I've wanted to try at some stage in my life:

Figure skater
Deep Sea Oil Rig worker

As you can see I have a lot of interests. What would your dream job be?


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  1. I love that one on your list is a detective! Definitely something I would have on my list! When I was younger, I really wanted to be a few things- a vet, a jillaroo/stationhand, vet nurse, a Olympian on the equestrian 3 day event team, a mounted police woman. I also dreamed of joining the army, and nearly did, but I couldn't pick 3 fields that I'd like to work in.
    So I became a Jillaroo, then I had a child, and lost my nerve for anything like that now. I'm lucky if my knees don't buckle at the thought of my child riding a horse!
    One day I'd like to go back and study to be something exciting :)

    1. Ha! I always wanted to be on the Olympic equestrian team too until I saw the event and was bored out of my mind :) I prefer to ride rather than watch. I almost joined the navy but they wouldn't take me due to health issues and having children has taken away my ability to deal with children :)
      What exciting thing would you like to study?