Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Have I Forgotten Anything?

30 Day Blogging Challenge

Day nine

What is in your bag or wallet?

As most mums will understand I haven't carried a handbag in over four years. Once my daughter was born whatever I needed got put into the nappy bag.

I used to have a rather large collection of handbags, so I could match one to my outfit, now I've gotten rid of nearly all of them with only a messenger bag, one handbag and a tote bag remaining and two of those were kept because they're disney merchandise.

I kind of feel naked or like I'm missing a limb if I go out somewhere with out the nappy bag as it's been there on my shoulder for so long.

The problem is despite it being so big it still never fits everything I need or should I say everything the kids need.

We have a change of clothes for both kids.

Nappies, change mat and wipes for Mr Two.

A drink for each kid.



Lip gloss.

Roll on perfume.

My purse, which itself is empty 99% of the time.


Toy cars.

Barbie/princess dolls.

Paper and pen.

Mentos - the fruit mix.


Hair clips and ties.

Then whenever we get where we are going I usually acquire The Husbands wallet, keys and sunglasses too.

I have no idea what style of handbag I'd be interested in when I no longer need a nappy bag and in fact I also have no idea when that will be.

Just out of curiosity at what age did you stop needing a nappy bag for children?


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