Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Elephant In The Fridge.

30 Day Blogging Challenge
Day thirteen

What's inside your fridge?

Let me tell you what's not in my fridge. Mess! Hear me out. I'm forever cleaning out old food from the fridge, every week when I add the new shopping, but for a while I didn't actually 'clean' my fridge. When I finally did I was disgusted at how dirty it was. Food spilt on the shelves, leaks from bottles it was gross. The problem was I didn't realise it was happening, it just happened. You know those spills that you swear you'll come back to when you're not trying cook dinner and entertain the kids all at once but then completely forget about? I think we had a few of those in there.

I gave it a huge clean out before we went on our holiday and now I notice everything. If someone spills something they are made to wipe it up, immediately, and everything has it's place.
I'm in love with our fridge now. Right after cleaning it I'd go to the fridge just to stare at it.

It was really easy to do as well. Spray a towel with my miracle cleaner AKA the vinegar and dishwashing liquid concoction then empty out each shelve and wipe them down and put it all back. It took me fifteen minutes!

I was contemplating decorating the shelves with coloured contact like in the attached image (found at but I never got to the store to get any. It's easy and cheap though if you rummage through Kmart selection of contact then just cut to fit your required surface. If you need to remove it just soak in hot water.


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