Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I know I can, I know I can...

30 Day Blogging Challenge

Day eight

Five Current Goals

This is an easy one. I've recently touched on some of my current goals so it's possible you've heard some of these.

Goal 1: Get my drivers license. I'm getting there. Driving more and am more confident but with The Husband working 6 days a week currently then having football on Sundays it's hard to find the time to practice stuff like reverse parallel parking. I'm progressing though and am confident I'll be able to put a big red tick next to this goal by September.

Goal 2: Learn Hungarian. Again I'm getting there though my progress is happening at a snails pace. I'm thinking it will be well after Christmas before I've made significant progress on this goal.

Goal 3: De-Clutter the house. It may seem like a small goal but when I say we have a lot of stuff I'm not exaggerating. I plan to go room to room and finish in the shed which is our death row of belongings. Usually if it's put in the shed it's never used again. I want this done by Christmas but I'm thinking it'll be done within the next four weeks while my hoarder mum is away house sitting. So much easier to throw stuff out when no one is around to notice you doing it :)

Goal 4: Cut down on sugar. I'm no health freak and although I've tried my fair share I don't believe in dieting however I consume a LOT of sugar. Surprisingly I don't drink soda so no coke or fanta or sprite. I used to, don't worry, I was very fond of a nice cold coke I've just managed to cut it out. However I can't stop eating chocolate and when I have a cup of tea I usually have more than three sugars, I also love a lot of chocolate in my hot chocolates. Sugar on my cornflakes, and on my porridge. I'm hoping you get the picture. My diet has a lot of sugar in it. Last week I cut down and with my usual weekly exercise I lost a whole freaking kilo! That's huge for me as I usually only manage around a 300gram loss a week if at all.
This will take time as I'm a really fussy eater but I've seen the results so I'm hoping I can make it happen sooner rather than later.

Goal 5: Get organised for Christmas before December. This is a yearly goal for me that started about three years ago. I hate the huge financial hit Christmas always had on us and now with both kids birthdays in January plus my mums in late November those three months are quite stressful. My yearly goal is to either have money put away or presents bought, usually by October, no later than November 25th. I've got my list written so now I just add a gift in to each weeks budget. Fingers crossed I make it again this year.

Setting goals is a great way to achieve what you want from life, even if it is something as small as de cluttering your house, I highly recommend setting your own if you don't have a set already.


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