Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Getting to know you, or rather Me.

30 Day Blogging Challenge, Day 2

20 facts about you...

Wow ok so this may totally bore you all, I'll try my best to think of interesting stuff.

1. For years as a child I wanted to grow up to be pilot. Not just any pilot I wanted fly fighter jets!

2. This will explain my childhood wish to be a fighter pilot. I have a love affair with all things military. The history, the uniforms, the pageantry and the amazing men and woman who serve.

3. The first time I flew I was 20 years old and I flew to Boston (with stops in Auckland and LA, seriously long flight).

4. The reason I flew to Boston was because I was spending the summer as an archery instructor at a Girl Scout summer camp.

5. I was a Brownie, Girl Guide, Ranger and Junior Leader in the Girl Guides Association.

6. I am Bi-Dialectal. This basically means that through no conscious thought my accent will change at any random moment. Often people with this have a different accent for a different group of people. My own accent doesn't like to be pigeon holed and will change of it's own will when ever it pleases. Usually it's English, sometimes American and every now and then I'll actually sound like the Aussie I am.

7. I am Disney obsessed! I'm not exaggerating, in fact saying obsessed could be down playing my feelings. I work out to disney classics, will happily let my children watch the same film over and over, wore Mickey ears walking around Disneyland, have a Mickey Mouse quilt on my bed, a display cabinet over flowing with collectables. Well you get the picture I hope, I'm just a little in love with it all.

8. I LOVE the smell of coffee but I LOATHE the taste! Honestly I have tried a few times to become a coffee drinker because I feel like I'm missing out on something not being in the coffee loop - what I don't know - but I only ever manage one mouthful. In fact I once made up an entire pot of my sisters good mocha blend in hopes that the chocolate would help, that entire pot went down the drain.

9. I don't have a favourite colour. When I was in high school I had a huge crush on Scott Wolf - he played Bailey in Party of Five - his favourite colour was green so my favourite colour became green. I painted my room green in case you were wondering how severe that crush was. When I was 18 a friend gave me something pink it was her favourite colour and she had it everywhere. All it took was that one item and suddenly my favourite colour was pink too. Five years ago I was out shopping with my cousin whose favourite colour is red and I realised red is a Christmas colour and I love Christmas - seriously it's right up there with Disney - so red became my favourite colour. Then you may recall just a few months ago I discovered splice of life Lime, it became my favourite colour. I am currently in between colours so if anyone has a suggestion I'm open to hearing it.

10. I've had my nails done professionally once. It hurt more than child birth and I have not gone back for more.

11. I've always felt like I was born in the wrong era. Perhaps a past life is clawing at my soul and calling it back or maybe it's my vivid imagination allowing me to see things in more ways than most.

12. As well as being in the wrong time I've always felt I'm in the wrong place. Australia has no hold on me. I yearn for places I haven't been and people I haven't met.

13. I am of the firm belief that fruit should never be put in chocolate. It's down right disrespectful to spoil your chocolate with all that healthy goodness.

14. I don't understand people who put butter/margarine on a peanut butter sandwich.

15. I also don't understand why people would want to eat fungus, sorry mushrooms, wait no I had it right with fungus!

16. I can never pick 'just one'. I can't pick one favourite animal, one favourite song, one favourite movie. Might be why I have issues picking a favourite colour...

17. I love to sing. I've been in a few school choirs, sung for state premiers and celebrities and random strangers thanks to a pretty great -seriously strange- school choir conductor.

18. I'm an Aries therefor I'm bossy and think I'm a great leader; probably because I am. Really I could run my own country because if my leadership skills ever failed me my stubbornness would pull me through.

19. My favourite tv show - yes I can pick a favourite in this category - is NCIS. It's the only tv I watch.

20. If being a fighter pilot didn't work out I also wanted to go to Hollywood to be an actress. I'm not sure how that would have worked considering I'm the most shy person I know.

If you have any interesting facts about yourself you'd like to share I'd love to hear them.


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