Wednesday, July 16, 2014

All Good Things...

30 Day Blogging Challenge
Day thirty

Your hopes for your blog.

I don't have any huge ambitions when it comes to my blog. I started it because I hated the rental life and wanted to let others know they weren't alone in the renting world.

I wanted to share ideas on how to make a rental house your home.

I wanted to share suggestions on family friendly and budget friendly entertainment or activities.

I wanted to rant about three monthly house inspections.

I wanted to share strategies on saving and budgeting.

I just wanted to write.

If somewhere in there I managed to pass along some useful information or I inspired even one person then I'm happy with that.

If my posts about finances and budgeting help just one family I'm happy with that.

If my ramblings make just one person smile then I'm happy with that too.

I'll very likely be posting a lot more about finances thanks to my new love of Dave Ramsey and his get out of debt strategies.

I'll be doing less DIY projects because we are still hoping to make a big move to the UK once we have our finances working for us; as opposed to against us.

I may start posting my favourite recipes mainly because I'm a Pinterest addict and there are some yummy recipes in the Pinterest world.

My blog is for me. It has no rules. I am grateful to every single person who comes by to read and I hope that you walk away with a smile or an idea.

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