Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Education Is The Kindling Of A Flame

30 Day Blogging challenge
Day sixteen

Your thoughts on education.

This is easy. I believe that every child that has the option of being in school should be until at least 17 years of age, preferably longer. Whether it be home school, a Montessori establishment, public school, private school, Catholic school or any other option out there. Schooling plays such a huge role in making us who we are as adults, in teaching us how the world works and our place in it. Our brains never stop learning but it is up to us to provide ourselves with new opportunities to continue to learn new things.

I also believe everyone learns differently and we should do as much as we can to find out what works best for us and go with it and not let our differences hold us back.

I know we can't all be nuclear physicists, and not everyone wants to be, we can't all run a ten second 100 meters and not everyone is going to win an Oscar but if we push ourselves to be the best we can, continue to learn new things long after we graduate high school and encourage younger generations to do the same then we will all be better off because of it.


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