Wednesday, July 9, 2014

You Have To Be In It To Win It

30 Day Blogging Challenge
Day twenty three

If you won the lottery

A few months back when there was that huge lotto night with an incredible 70 million up for grabs The Husband tried to convince me that there was no way anyone could spend that much money. We playfully argued over it for a few days until he explained that what he meant was that interest on investments would mean you would never run out of money. Until he explained himself I was detailing with great enthusiasm all of the pretty little - and some not so little - things I'd buy if I had 70 million dollars.

There was the usual house, but I didn't stop at one. I'd have one or two here in Oz, a couple in the UK, a few in America and maybe even one in France with a safari park somewhere in Africa.

I'm not big on cars so apart from buying one in each country we had a house I didn't go into detail and make each one a Ferrari.

There was the round the world trip to see everything I've always longed to see, which included bringing along a babysitter so The Husband and I could have a romantic dinner every now and then.

A cruise to Antarctica as well as all the thermal underwear in the world to make sure I don't freeze.

You can see the picture I'm painting right? All of my hearts desires plus a few silly 'just because I can' options.

In reality each time we buy a lotto ticket all we ask for is enough to pay off our debts, if there was a little extra to make up a house deposit then we wouldn't argue but $50 000 would do us nicely.

What would make it in your dream list and your realistic list?

I have to say This Will Ferrel Parody on twitter has a brilliant idea....


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