Monday, July 7, 2014

Grab The Tissues.

30 Day Blogging Challenge
Day twenty one

What makes you sad?

As someone who has suffered from depression and every now and then gets into deep sad funks this list could be quite long. However I'm actually very proud of myself as despite my history I am probably the most optimistic and positive person I know. These days I will dig deep to find a positive in every situation. I don't see the point in holding on to the negatives when a positive is staring you in the face. You're just asking to feel blue and down if you live like that.

Having said that though there are still things that make me sad. Take for example Friday morning. I got up bundled the kids on the couch with a blanket and the heater, got them breakfast and sat myself down - it was not yet 7 incase you're wondering how early my kids wake up - I opened Facebook and was immediately confronted with three videos that had me crying. One about a brave young mum and her beautiful little boy who was born with no eyes, another about a young boy who steals medicine for his mum, is helped by a restaurant owner then later goes on to be the doctor that saves the restaurant owners life and the last was actually an article about a family and a doctor crying in the delivery room after the birth of a baby whose brother died at birth less than a year ago in the same room.

I was a wreck and it wasn't even 7am. It happens to me all the time. Since having children I cry at everything!

Being so far away from my closest friends is probably what makes me sad most often though. They range in distance from NSW - I'm in WA - to the United Kingdom. It's not just catching up for coffee that I miss it's those days when you can see they just need a hug and you're not there to give it to them. Not being able to help my friends when they need it makes me very sad.

In a contradictory turn of events yesterday I mentioned that Christmas time makes me happy, it also makes me sad. I have longed for so many years to have a white Christmas so every Christmas I spend in 42 degree heat is seriously depressing. It's a good thing I love everything else about Christmas or it may not have made it on my happy list.

Are you the type that cries at everything too, what's on your sad list?


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