Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner?

30 Day Blogging Challenge
Day twenty nine

Ten people, dead or alive, I would invite to dinner.

As I discussed this topic with The Husband he mentioned that we would both automatically be at each other's dinner so there was no need for me to have him as one of my ten invited guests. This was comforting as I couldn't imagine facing a room full of the people I admire the most without him.
It was truly hard to write thus guest list. There are so many people, dead and alive, that I would love the honour of sitting down to a meal with so narrowing it down to ten was excruciating.

Here's who made the final cut...

Guest one Jane Austen. I adore her writing, her attention to detail, and her passion to forgo the societal norms of her time. A conversation with this lady would be educational and entertaining.

Guest two Bill Clinton. I would not ask if he truly didn't inhale nor would I care to ask about Monica. I admire this mans drive and passion and would love to engage him in a conversation about anything and everything.

Guest three Bobby Moore. This man makes the list because I'm an awesome wife! He and The Husband would sit at one end of the table discussing football till the sun came up.

Guest four Walt Disney. To those who know me this should be no surprise as it shouldn't be also to anyone who has followed my blogging challenge. The conversation would be magical and I would be crossing my fingers hoping some of his creativity rubbed off on me.

Guest five Julie Andrews. I would beg her to sing the night away with me.

Guest six Theodor Seuss Geisel AKA Dr Seuss. Do I really need to explain this. The mans imagination was supreme and his writing superb. There is a reason his book 'oh the places you'll go' is given as a graduation gift at high schools, it speaks to adults not just children.

Guest seven Rosa Parks. Strength and passion to fight for what is important to not only you but everyone. I would love to share a meal with this lady.

Guest eight Socrates. An evening spent questioning everything...that's usually how most our evenings go around here and besides I can just picture him and Dr Seuss in conversation.

Guest nine Queen Elizabeth. I'm a traditionalist and a Monarchist. I've always had a love affair with the British Royal family and it was tough to choose between Elizabeth the First, Victoria, and Elizabeth the Second. In the end I chose our current Queen as I think she would empathise being a traditionalist in a very modern world.

Guest ten Oprah Winfrey. She has met so many people and seen so many places not to mention been through so much that I'd love to sit and listen to her tell a story or two.

Writing this list was entertaining and educational. As I wrote my list The Husband offered up name after name of people he would have on his list. I think I'd enjoy his dinner as much as my own. Sir Winston Churchill, Genghis Kahn, and Marilyn Monroe to name just a few.

I highly recommend this activity for couples. Its fun and while laughing together you may just learn something new about your significant other.

Give it a go and share with us who would get an invitation from you.


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