Thursday, July 3, 2014

Blog Love

30 Day Blogging Challenge
Day seventeen

Your favourite blogs

I have a fair few blogs that I read but the ones listed below are the ones I read most often.

The Militant Baker
The tag line for this amazing blog is 'What everyone is thinking but no one will say'.
Jes is a mental health professional, pastry chef and body love advocate...just to name a few. Her blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram shout body love so loud that the next galaxy can hear. Speaking the truth that no matter your size be it, 2 or 22 or anything in between and outside of those numbers, that you are beautiful and worthy of love and respect.

She occasionally has views I disagree with but overall it's a great blog to follow.

I highly recommend heading over to have a read through.

Vintage with laces

This blog I visit when I want to see pretty things. I love lace and vintage inspired home decor and accessories and they are in abundance on this blog. Great craft ideas and inspiration for decorating in shabby chic style.

Dave Ramsey

This man is some what of a financial/money guru in America. The reason why I read his stuff and have ordered his book is because of all the financial gurus I've heard of Mr Ramsey has actually been at rock bottom with no money and stressing over where to get money for bills while his wife cut coupons like a crazy person so she could go grocery shopping. I have a hard time taking financial advise from people who haven't truly struggled before so knowing that this guy has actually been there and built his plans on reality makes it easy for me to follow him.

Once I'm done with my blogging challenge and have read through his book which will be delivered to me soon I plan to share what I learn with you all but for now I suggest heading to his blog and having a look around.

Made by Rae

My go to sewing blog. Amazing patterns, tutorials and helpful sewing advice. I recommend this blog for beginners to professionals, there is something for everyone.


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