Thursday, July 10, 2014

Don't Tick Me Off

30 Day Blogging Challenge
Day twenty four

Pet peeves

I'll admit I have a fair few things that really irritate the bejeebies out of me so sit back, put your legs up and prepare to nod along in agreement or shake your head in disbelief.

I'm what on the internet these days is referred to as a 'Grammar Nazi'. I like to think of it as showing I paid attention in class. I'm far from perfect and often get mixed up on whether I am meant to use an Oxford comma when listing many items of any description or 'a' or 'an' before words beginning with the letter H. However I do know before is not found on a bingo card and u is the twenty first letter of the alphabet not a word. I believe having good grammar is not nerdy. THEY'RE welcome to make fun of me from THEIR soapbox over THERE all they like.

I am likely to go red in the face and turn into a raving lunatic if I find out my child got sick because we socialised with you and your child who you knew was sick but you didn't feel the need to say anything to me. Screw building up my child's immune system, I choose to send my daughter to school knowing she will be surrounded by children who may be sick, parents need to work I get it, which is why in our social life I prefer to have the option given to me to choose not to let her play with your sick kid and risk catching whatever it is they have.
Honestly it is not that hard. Use some common sense and courtesy and let other parents know. I am so passionate about this that it's caused disagreements between friends and family just ask my sister in law, a smart girl mostly who had a moment of stupidity, I'd also say to ask the friend except she no longer is one.
I have seen my children suffer when they didn't have to, I have seen friends children suffer when it could have been avoided. I will call people on it, and yes they will deny it till they are blue in the face despite all the evidence against them, but if I am courteous enough to inform you then show me the same courtesy back, for my children's sake.

I am beyond confounded by women who feel it is perfectly alright to belittle their husbands publicly. If you have marriage issues, if you don't like the way he does nothing around the house, if you hate the way he leaves the toilet seat up don't put it on Facebook or Twitter or your blog. Talk to your husband or a marriage counsellor and work your issues out. Talk privately to friends but don't make it your status.
The majority of the time the people reading do not personally know your husband so the only picture they can paint of the type of man he is come from the words you choose to say about him and just so you understand that imagine if your husband was constantly putting you down in his Facebook status? Most woman would be pretty darn ticked off!

While on the subject of social media I have said before that I love Facebook. I have friends all over the globe who thanks to Facebook, Twitter and the likes I feel like that gap isn't an ocean wide however it is sometimes painful scrolling through all the drama queen status updates. I'm quite happy to see what you cooked for lunch or hear about your latest gym work out but if you could not press the post button on the attention seeking, open to interpretation status that is designed to have people say "hope everything is ok, I'm here if you need me" that would be great. If you need to talk, need a virtual hug then just come right out and say that your friends will no doubt message you offering just that there is no need for cryptic updates.

I'll finish with lazy people. I know it's all a matter of opinion so to specify it's those who are quite willing to complain about their lot in life but are not willing to do the hard work to change things.

I love hearing about others pet peeves if you care to share your own.


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  1. A woman to my own heart. I do consider myself lazy though ;)

    1. Jo you are one of the least lazy people I know. :)

  2. I love being a Grammar Nazi!

    1. And I love you because you love it! Honestly when did it become cool to come off as stupid?