Saturday, July 12, 2014

Talent on vacation

30 Day Blogging Challenge
Day twenty six

Your hidden talent

I have no idea what my hidden talent is. Recently I've come to realise I'm a jack of many trades but a master of none.

I can sort of play the violin, I can just whistle, I'm not all that good at clicking. I can cook enough to keep the family from going hungry, I know enough about sewing to keep us all in shorts and skirts. I've meddled with jewellery making, dream catchers and custom crayons and I know enough about oils to mix up a nice smelling perfume... That will last an hour.

I can't dance, squirt milk through my eye lids or draw anything but stick figures. I don't run, I can sing but I'd never win a Grammy and thus far I've never had a chance to test my snowman building skills.

I've tried cake making, jam making and growing vegetables.

Maybe my hidden talent is my never ending curiosity and need to try new things??

Although I've never tried burping the alphabet so maybe that's my hidden talent.


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