Sunday, July 6, 2014

Don't Worry Be Happy!

30 Day Blogging Challenge
Day twenty

What makes you happy?


Alright to be more specific....

Watching The Husband play tickle monster with Miss Four and Master Two. He gets down on the ground and has them rolling hysterically till happy tears are falling from their eyes. It's a beautiful sight.

Seeing my daughter share my interests. She really is as Disney obsessed as I am.

Listening to my son sing. He only really gets one line from a song but he'll belt that line out like he's singing to a packed stadium.

Christmas time. Decorating the house, walking through decorated shopping malls while carols are played through the speakers, wrapping presents, unwrapping my presents, cooking Christmassy treats, Christmas light scavenger hunts...It all makes me happy.

The very rare occasions I get to stay in bed while The Husband gets up with the kids. That extra hour is bliss...even if I'm awake listening to the kids terrorise their dad, it's great to just lie there.

Sunny winter days and the reverse, cloudy summer days.

Going to the cinema. It doesn't happen often these days as it's hard to get a baby sitter - and there's also the fact it can get quite pricey - but I love going to the cinema. The smell of popcorn, the tacky red carpet and red curtains, listening to those around you react to the story they are watching, the previews of upcoming films, sitting till the end of the 15 minute long credits to see if there is an Easter egg at the end. It's an amazing experience.

Horse riding. I haven't done it in years but I smile every time I go riding.

That one hour during rest time where the entire house is clean. Carpets vacuumed, all washing cleaned, folded and put away, kitchen clean, toys away. It may not last long once the kids wake up but I really do love that hour, a clean house makes he very happy.

There is lots of small things that make me happy, seeing the kids run to the door when daddy gets home from work, Daddy getting home from work :), Getting through a workout I didn't want to do, those rare weeks I manage to keep the grocery bill under $250, receiving parcels, skyping friends, coco pops for dinner....

What are some of the things that make you happy?


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