Monday, July 21, 2014

Gazelle v Cheetah

Thanks to my love affair with Pinterest I have been introduced to an American money guru by the name of Dave Ramsey. He teaches people how to get out of debt, how to manage their money, how to invest for a happy retirement and my favourite how to stay out of debt. The best bit is that most of what he says is plain common sense so following his teachings is super easy.
I have a few posts lined up for the next few weeks based on what I've learnt from his book 'The Total Money Makeover' and I'm really excited about sharing this information with you all.

I think the first piece of information I'm going to share that I have learnt from Dave Ramsey is what he calls 'Gazelle Intensity'.

In the book 'The Total Money Makeover' he refers to gazelles being stalked by a cheetah and how only one in nineteen chases will result in the cheetah having Gazelle for lunch. Stay with me here because I'm getting to the good bit.
The Gazelle gets away from the fastest animal on land by out manoeuvring him. The Gazelle knows that if he can run this way and that way for as long as possible the Cheetah will soon grow tired. The Gazelle is focused on staying alive by any means necessary.
This is what you need to do with your money, with your debt. Being Gazelle intense means being committed to getting debt free, wholeheartedly.

You can't just say "yes I don't want to have any more debt", or "no I don't want to be paying these credit cards off till I'm 50" you need to be completely committed to doing something about it.

If you commit yourself to getting out of debt it will happen so much sooner than you ever believed possible.

There is no half way option, it will only set you back. If you are not Gazelle Intense going into your debt killing spree you will remain the victim instead of turning the tables.

Gazelle intensity means realising that a ten year old car that does the job but has no payments is far better for your financial future than going out to get the shiny new car that will look good come school pick up time but has monthly payments with interest and adds an un necessary $40 000 to your debt limit.

Gazelle intense means quitting fast food not because you're on some new health kick but because fast food stopped being the cheaper option many moons ago.

Gazelle intense means buying home brand, no name brand, black and gold brand or whichever brand is the cheapest because you know it all tastes the same and that the extra $2 you save on each jar of sauce, or the $3 you save by buying home brand bread instead of name brand bread brings you $5 closer to paying off of your debt...And every dollar counts.

Gazelle intense means getting a second job or heading out to night shift once your husband gets home because you know being a little more tired, working a little harder for a short period of time will get you debt free even faster.

Mr Ramseys total money makeover motto is:

If you will live like no one else, later you can live like no one else.

Which means stop caring about appearances and start caring about your future. When you are debt free all that money you are paying out right now becomes yours to do with as you please!

We have one car, it's ten years old and has a few scratches but it's all ours we owe nothing on it, we rent, we buy home brand bread and Coles yoghurt, we shop for kids clothes - and ours - at Kmart or op shops, we have basic meals on rotation, we find activities to do as a family that are free - beach trips, playing ball at the park, video games, movie nights at home - and most importantly we don't care what any one thinks about any of that.
My friends call me cheap, one of them actually to my face, and say it with such disgust like it's somehow effecting them but I just laugh to myself because I've done the math and in three years time we'll be completely debt free and I can guarantee you they won't be.

They are not Gazelle intense in fact some of them are quite content in their debt ridden worlds and that's ok it's their choice and I don't love them any less for it. Being Gazelle intense and getting out of debt, completely, is our choice and we'll do what we have to to make it happen. The snide comments about having no life, or not doing anything fun just roll off our backs. We are happy, we are having fun, but we have also less than halved the term of our loan contract by being Gazelle intense!

Lastly Gazelle intensity has to come from everyone involved. If you are married or in this debt with a partner of any kind you BOTH need to be focused and committed. Money issues are one of the biggest causes leading to divorce and relationship breakdowns. Get on the same page with your money and everything else will seem a lot easier.

I have so much to share with you so prepare yourselves now. If you do not wish to hear about finances, budgeting and all that goes with it then I'd stay away for a little while. I'm a woman on a mission to help everyone who is like me and sick and tired of debt.

If you have any questions about getting Gazelle Intense please ask, if I can't help I'll find someone who can :)


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